Making planning ahead and avoiding cash flow issues is key to surviving in business. You'll use Control Room to make strategic changes to BIS Ltd and meet financial targets:

  1. Go to the right place. Select the desired period by pressing on of the tabs: Year 1, Year 2, Year 3 and Year 4. Choose a financial statement you'd like to see, as part of your exercise.
  2. Edit the values to fulfill your exercise. The cells with a triangle at the top right are editable. You can click on anyone of them to change its value - could be revenue, capital or an expense. Type in the new value and press OK. 
  3. See the effect of your decisions: Click on the Dynamic Analysis tab or the Cash Management tab. Several graphs will appear on the screen. Any change in capital, revenue and expenses from the baseline data will automatically change the graphs in the Dynamic Analysis page.
  4. Reset Data: Click on Reset if you wish to go back to the baseline data.
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