You'll learn the theory of accounting and financial management by reading each lesson in the course. Start in module 1 and progress onward. Each module builds on previous material, so it's important for you to go through everything.

The course is built around the life of a fictitious company, BIS Ltd. As you read through the theory you'll get exercises to immerse you in the life of BIS Ltd. Exercise prompts look like this:

You'll do these exercises in one of the three simulated environments: 

  • Foundry: Gain different perspectives on the impact of 25 typical transactions every business goes through. Here's a guide for how to use it.
  • Lighthouse: Grasp how all the financial statements are related through a window into 4 years of a company’s life. Here's a guide for how to use it.
  • Control Room: Think fast to solve tough problems in “What If” scenarios to ensure the survival of your business. Here's a guide for how to use it.


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